Have you seen us out running?

….and think, “What are those idiots doing, in a large group, during this current pandemic!?!”

THANK YOU!!!! First of all for checking in, with our website. 

This page was intentionally designed to help explain the fairly wide-ranging measures that we have put in place, to enable our running club, to run as a group (all of which is conducted under the framework set out by the UK Athletics Association). You will likely have seen us, out running a ‘Hash-Trail’ on a Sunday mid-morning, or possibly on a Tuesday evening, which is our club training night. You may, quite rightly, be confused as to why you are stuck at home, possibly isolating or certainly unable to see family members, yet we can appear to be flouting the rules!

This whole page has been set up, to explain that actually, we are complying with all of the rules (Governmental, plus those of our sport).  

Firstly, we would refer you to the About Us Menu (on the menu bar above). Have a look at the detail contained on the page titled “Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Update. We would also urge you to look to the guidance on offer from UKA. Follow the links below, to locate these.

We’ve worked very hard to understand & implement ALL of the rules, which allow us to run, and in a group larger than six, when running outdoors and we constantly strive to create a “Covid-Free Environment” on our group runs. 

We’ve also made it clear to our runners, that they ALL need to adhere to our Risk Assessment (copy available on this site).

In return for compliance with all of those measure, those of our runners that choose to run with us, are enjoying the multiple benefits of some physical activity, some much needed social interaction, outdoors and all under a framework that reduces the cross-contamination risk.

If you have ANY further questions or observations, PLEASE feel free to drop us a line, by using the following email address:


Thank you for reading 

The HHHH Mismanagement Squad