Following on from numerous discussions about future runs during lockdown, we have had several suggestions that should encourage us all to keep running..

1. Running Pairs

We are allowed to run in pairs (or with our family rubble). If you are faced with running on your own, or maybe with a family member that you are keen to avoid, how about arranging to meet one other club member, at a specific time and place?

This could also involve other pairs / family rubbles, but each pair would need to have different start times and be aware of not ‘bunching up’. You would also have to be careful not to mix at the start or end points, so if driving for example, they would need to remain in their cars until it’s their start time.

In this way, people who don’t want to run on their own, or run in the dark, will have someone with them and also know there are others nearby if there were any problems.

Duracell has a “Pairs-Run” planned for every Tuesday evening & with space for several more pairs, limit of 5 pairs in total (10 people in all). If any interest at all, plse message Duracel

Just to add a bit of fun, we figured that once you have decided upon your Pair you could come up with a unique name and video/photo of you all!! (See the Social Bit, at the end of this email). The “Ian Carey Pairy” for example, would be a winner. Potty & Beaver are likely to have the “JesusJoseph&Mary Pairy” as we head towards Chrimbo. Duracel & Wizz are likely tobe the “Smurfs” You get the idea!

2. The Harvel Round:

Wolvie has worked out a 5.4 mile route that we can all run as a sort of age based handicap (look for Wolvie’s email Nov 4th, containing the route). If you cannot locate it or struggle with the technical (.gpx aspects) plse let us know. There are plenty of Garmin.Geeks on hand. See the BUTTON BELOW, which will take you to the route on Plotaroute (you can downlaod the .gpx file, from Plotaroute).

Maybe just let Duracell or Wolvie know when you are attempting it (to avoid congestion) and then go get running! Thereafter upload your ‘effort’ to Strava and there are trophies available……..

3. Em has set us a training challenge

Look for her first video challenge on WhatApp (we will look to get all of these on the Website too). 

These specific routines and exercises WILL IMPROVE YOUR RUNNING and if you send us your video, we can all see just how well you have managed to mimic the training drills (or not)!

These will be published.. be warned!!

4. Social Bit

We need to try to stay connected and the Social Squad are looking to try to coordinate some form of ‘virtual-social’ a bit like what we did after the H5. 

Get involved in any of the above, get out there and run and have some fun. Share with the group, what you feel comfortable sharing (NOT YOU KEVIN)

We will be trying to use the Club Webshite a little more to advertise all of the above, for club members.

Lets face it, its been a dreadful year for so many reasons and the more crazy and silly we can make it the better!!

On On

Duracel & Potty.

HARVEL Round – Rough Directions


Starting immediately outside Amazon & Tiger Pub:

  • Head SE towards the village green and cross the green onto the ‘Pig Track’ footpath.
  • At Leywood Road cross over the stile and across the small field.  Follow the footpath in a NE direction.
  • When the footpath opens up into a field, continue down hill in a SE direction and turn left heading North on Wrangling Lane.
  • Approx 25yrds after Dode Church take the track on your right up a steep gravel track to Holly Hill House
  • Continue on to the tarmac section of Holly Hill Road and take the right into Holly Hill Car Park and up the steeps keeping to the left hand track through the woods.
  • Continue past the Trig Point and downhill to the main track and turn sharp left.
  • Continue on this wooded track, on reaching White Horse Road turn right then left onto a gravel track.
  • Follow gravel track down steep hill to the Pilgrims way.  Turn right and follow the Pilgrims way for approx. a third of a mile.
  • IMPORTANT – take a right signposted the ‘Wealdway’ up a steep flight of steps through a metal gate and up more steps.  Continue on this steep path.
  • On reaching the junction in the path at the top of the hill go straight on and take the second path on the left heading WNW.
  • At the corner of the Rugby Pitch go over the stile and head straight across the pitch in a diagonal direction.  Best done when there is not a Rugby match on.
  • Through the opening to Harvel Road, turn right and proceed 30yds before taking a left on to a narrow footpath.
  • Remain on the footpath through the woods leading to a field.  Head diagonally across the field to the hedge and follow hedge/fence to Harvel Lane.
  • Turn right on Harvel Lane and remain on the road until you reach the Amazon & Tiger car park.