You may have seen that we have had to postpone the actual Harvel 5 race, to later this year. With some time on our hands (& whilst we have been sitting around waiting for the Amazon and Tiger to reopen) we have decided to repeat the Virtual version. Last year’s Virtual & Virtuous Harvel 5 was a massive success (somewhat to our surprise) raising more than £4,000 for Ellenor  (A local charity supporting families facing terminal illness. ( and this year we are aiming to beat that!!

We promise you that the Virtual and Virtuous Harvel 5 will be the most fun you can have, with your trainers on. Complete with fun competitions, prizes, a five mile run PLUS the opportunity to win a free place at the real Harvel 5!!

Get the kids involved!!

We are also hosting a virtual “kids fun run”. This means that you can have your family members join you, for your race, or the little ones can set their own challenge.  Perhaps 5 laps of the garden, 50 bunny hops or 500 bounces on the trampoline. As long as it includes the number 5 we will award them with a medal and downloadable certificate.

So what is the Virtual and Virtuous Harvel 5?

A virtual 5 mile run for a good cause and with the opportunity to win booze, PLUS a fabulous -money- can’t-buy opportunity to win free and guaranteed places to the (actual) Harvel 5 for 3 years running!!  

How it works  

  • Book your place via the Run Britain website link here:
  • Run a 5 mile course of your own design, in your own area, and subject to the government social distancing guidelines between 5th and 13th June 2021.
  • Receive a Virtual and Virtuous Harvel 5 medal.  
  • You are encouraged to fundraise for Ellenor through sponsorship or other means. All those who raise sponsorship or make a donation of more than £50 will be entered into a competition for future places at our award winning Harvel 5 race.   
  • We’ve pitched the entry price at £13 for affiliated runners & £15 for unaffiliated runners. From this entry fee, all entrants that successfully demonstrate that they have completed their five mile run will receive a medal, plus there are prizes (see below). All profits, after operating costs will be donated in aid of Ellenor. 

Prizes and competitions – something for everyone!

  • Prizes for fastest male and female – prizes are booze obviously. We are the Drinking Club with the Running problem after all! 
  • Prizes also for the slowest male and female – It’s not just the FRB’s that should grab all of the glory, right? We would like to honour those also at the ‘Back of the Pack’ (we will judge the winners of this category, from all of the evidence submitted, by our runners)

Money can’t buy prizes of entry into Harvel 5 for 3 years running!!

We have earmarked 5 places for the Harvel 5 race for the next three years and have these places available for five lucky Virtual runners, with 2 ways of getting your hands on one!!  Think about it… pfaffing around on ‘race-entry-open-day’ & no more repeatedly hitting the F5 button on RunBritain, on a random Sunday in February!

  • ALL ENTRANTS will go into a ballot to win one of these coveted guaranteed places.
  • Places available for the top 2 fundraisers 
  • All other fundraisers raising over £20 each will be entered into a further ballot to win one of the 3 other places.

Other competitions

  • Photo competition – send us your race photos.  Photo could be your post race drink, your race fancy dress outfit or some Strava art, or anything else demonstrating you have got into the spirit of the Harvel 5
  • Decorate your toilet – if you are a regular Harvel 5 attender then you will know we always decorate our portaloos!! So decorate your race loo (in the nicest possible sense) & send us a pic.
  • Extraordinary competitor – are you the best dressed, planned the most mad route or running in an outrageous fancy dress costume?  Whomever we consider to be the most extraordinary competitor will win the prize.

Lets face it, after the year we’ve had, we could do with a bit of a laugh. Whatever makes us laugh the most will win a beer and a burger at the Harvel 5 race plus guaranteed entry, in June 2022. 

The ‘Rules’ and T&Cs

  1. Get your entry at RunBritain and pay your entry fee (remembering that all profits will go in aid of Ellenor).  
  2. Go run a 5 mile course, of your choosing, when it is safe to do so & in the week period commencing 2pm Saturday 5th  and Sunday 13th June 2021 and send us evidence of you completing your run.  Evidence should be emailed to
  3. You agree that you run entirely at your own risk, and that you will comply with current Government social distancing guidance & that neither Ellenor nor the Harvel Hash House Harriers are responsible for your own run/ choice of apparel/ dodgy lifestyle choices generally.
  4. Children must be supervised / accompanied by a responsible adult. 
  5. If you wish to enter the competition for Harvel 5 places in future years you will need to set up your own JustGiving page or make a donation on our campaign page.   Your fundraising page must be linked to the Virtual and Virtuous Harvel 5 campaign page:
  6. Competition prizes of Harvel 5 places are for free and guaranteed entry into the Harvel 5 for the next 3 years.
  7. To be one of our top fundraiser winners or for entry into our ballot you must raise or donate a minimum of £50 as evidenced on the above JustGiving page.
  8. That the determination as to who are the top five fund raisers, will be based upon the total amount of sponsorship paid to Ellenor, by any one competitor. Results, adjudicated by both HHHH & Ellenor will be announced 1 week after the closing of the event (ie Sunday 20th June  2021). Any funds received by Ellenor, after 9 a.m. on 20th June , will not count towards your total.
  9. Harvel 5 places won as a prize will be deferrable to another year, should you be unable to attend.  Although what else would you be doing on the first Saturday in June?  Harvel 5 places won as a prize may only be used by the prize winner and will not be transferable.
  10. To be eligible for the prizes for fastest male or female you will need to send evidence of your run, with race time recorded on Strava or another fitness app.  The run must of course be no less than 5 miles!  
  11. To be eligible for the prizes for the slowest male or female you will need to send evidence of your run, with race time recorded on Strava or another fitness app. The run (or crawl) must be completed in one go!!  No stopping at the pub half way round to increase your time!  
  12. Meal deal prizes of a beer and burger at next years Harvel 5 include an alcoholic drink of your choice from our bar and guaranteed (but not free) entry to the race.

That’s pretty much it…any questions?


– How much of my registration fee will go to Ellenor?

All proceeds after running costs will go to Ellenor.  On top of this amount, we hope that you will consider fundraising via Just Giving.  Please make a donation or set up your own fundraising page linked to our campaign here:

– What if I can’t run on Saturday 5th June, at your usual 2pm race start time?

No bother, you will have a whole week, (from 2pm Saturday 5th June, to 2pm Sunday 13th June) to complete the challenge

– Can I come up to Harvel & run the actual H5 course, on what would have been race day?

OH DEAR GOD NOOOO!!!!!!!…please remember, that we are a very small village in Kent and can only hold our event, due to the good will and support of the people in the village. We are NOT set up for the event in June.  Pleasee DO NOT descend upon Harvel, come 5th June…as we will probably be banned from holding the event ever again. Thanks for asking though. 

– How difficult is it to set up my charity page?

It is all pretty straightforward. However, you must link your page to our campaign.  Follow this link  But if you need assistance contact us at   

– How do I evidence that I have completed the challenge?

For many of us, with GPS sports watches or Smartphones, it is a simple case of tracking your activity and sending us a screen image. For those ‘speedier’ FRB’s and more sedate ‘snail-paced’ runners like those attempting our fastest and slowest competitions, we would ask to see evidence from something like Strava or equivalent. Ideally, and in all cases we would love to see a photo, post run completion, with a beaming smile & a beer in your hand. This as we are really gonna miss you guys, on race day!!!  

– Could I possibly cheat and do the five miles on a moped, so that I win the beer?

Yes, of course you can cheat, no one will stop you. You will however have to look at yourself in the mirror, for everyday of the rest of your life. Beer will also taste a little sour, for the rest of your days…..

– Can I run the VV Harvel 5 on a treadmill? 

Of course!!  Run on a treadmill, run around your garden, we really don’t mind.  Wherever you decide to run, we will be glad to have you join us and raise funds for Ellenor.  However, please bear in mind that entries for our fastest and slowest male and female will only be accepted by those that run on solid ground in the open air, preferably with a beer waiting for them at the end.

– Does entry to this affect my likelihood of getting into future H5 races?

No! We just thought that this would be a really nice thing to do. Unless of course you are one of our competition winners, in which case you won’t have to bother with race entries again, until 2025!!!

– Is the VVHarvel 5 event open to children?

You need to be 15 or over to take part.  If you are under 18 and manage to scoop our fastest time, then we are happy to drink your beer prize and send you some cheap ‘own-brand’ fizzy pop!

– What do I do, if my question, isn’t in your FAQ?

Just ask away, by contacting us at

That’s it really….we hope you would agree that this is a vital time, to help support Ellenor & the crucial work that they do. If you can spare a few bob & want to mark our event, then this is a way to do that. If you can spare a few extra quid, you will definitely be making a difference to our friends at Ellenor

Till we ‘meet again’, stay safe/ stay sane & On On