Running Squad

The Handicap Run

The Handicap Run is a 5K and takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of every month .

How it works
The first time a member does the run gives them a qualifying time which is used as their handicap. The handicap time for each runner is the average of their last three runs (except for new runners). Runners set off according to their handicap time with the slowest first. This means that all runners have an equal opportunity of finishing first. Each runner scores points based on their finish position – the higher you finish the lower your score. The lowest 6 scores of each runner over a year (Jan to Dec) are added to find the over-all winner of the Handicap Trophy. 

 All runners are registered at start at 7:00. The run will start at about 7:00 and be finished by about 8:00.

The Running Squad organise the run with a Starter/Timekeeper and a Finish position recorder.

All organisers look after the runners clothes which need carrying from the start to the finish. 

Location and Parking
H4 Headquarters – Harvel Cricket Club

2019 Handicap Winner

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