Hash Squad

NEXT HASH: Sunday 3rd March


Hares: Wolvie

Where: Burham


On Inn: TBC

Hash After the Next Hash: 7th April

Details: TBC

Hares : Zola & S&M


Firstly well done for volunteering to lay a trail
The hash would not work without your help. The instructions laid out below are guidelines, but this is your run. If you want to do a themed run or have drink stops then speak to one of the Hashing Squad and we’ll do all we can to help. There are no rules, so if you want to change something, be our guest; just remember we’re a mixed bunch, so try and consider everyone if possible.

Pick Your Location & Venue / Pub.  England is a big place so try and pick somewhere we haven’t been to recently.  The pub needs to:

  • Be able to accommodate 30 or so runners
  • Have somewhere we can park
  • Not have a problem with us making noise during down downs.

Preparing for the run
The main aim of the hash is for everyone to start and finish together, having run as far and as fast as they want. To do this you therefore have to either slow down the FRBs (Front Running Bastards) with loops, false trails, checks and beer stops or speed up the SCBs (Short Cutting Bastards) with short cuts.  A general rule the more you piss off the fast runners, the better the run and they secretly love it.

The Hash should be roughly 5 miles and as a rule of thumb, it should take 2 hours to walk the trail at a reasonable pace. Less than that and the run will be too short, more and it will probably be too long.
Remember the fastest runners can run anything up to 6/7 miles, where as the slowest 3-4, the more loops, false trails and checks that send the FRBs the wrong way, the more likely the run are going to stick together.

The Recce

  • Every Hare MUST recce the trail in its entirety at least once.
  • False trails (FT or a cross across the track) should be used if there is a danger of people discovering another part of the trail.
  • Regroups are a great method used by hares to bring the group back together.
  • And if you can try to never be too far away from the pub at any time, it allows the slower runners or people injured/lost to head back if they want to.

Laying the Trail

  • It is best to set the run during the day several hours before the start of the run. If it is set the day before check the run on the day of the run (especially if it has rained since you set it).
  • Co-hares should set the entire trail together. If due to time pressure the two co-hares decide, that they will set the run in halves it is essential that:
    (a) they agree common marking;
    (b) they agree the meeting point;
    (c) the meeting point should be mid-trail and not at a check (unless there’s a really obvious physical barrier to prevent the pack getting confused e.g. a river or railway line).
  • The very last part of the run is the On-Inn. When you’ve brought everyone around and the final last bit of the way back is readily apparent, simply write ON INN on the ground and be done with it.

During the run

  • Hares SHOULD have spare flour/chalk so that checks get marked through.
  • Hares MUST mark the out-trail from the pub clearly so that late-comers can find the Start, of the run easily.
  • During the run, the Hare and the Co-hare should make sure the runners are on trail. Depending on the hares, it is best to have one towards the middle / front of the pack and one towards the back of the pack. If only one hare is going out, it is best that they stay towards the middle / back of the pack.
  • Encourage runners to call or use the horns and check out routes where necessary.
  • Mark all checks through for any latecomers trying to catch up and lay extra markings where deviations are possible.
  • The Hare and co-hare should remain at the finish until all runners have returned.
  • The hares should coordinate with the Hashing Squad and RA for the beers/prosecco for the down downs.