Best hash 2023

February – The morning after the night before
Belle End and Wolvie Hares
Notes – Sip stop at Dave Pops
March – St Pirans Day Hash 
Doggy and Wolvie Hares
Notes – Duke of Wellington off off, Cornish pasties and sip stop at Paddlesworth
April – Sunday Roast Hash 
Commando and Popeye Hares
Notes – The Villager off off. Visitors from mash hash
June – Post H5 clean up hash 
Embaa Hares
Notes – Nobody remembers there was only three of us 🙄
July – Red dress 
Data, Clockwork & Skid Hares
Notes – A very long hash. Sip stop at Data & Dames
August – Moot Brewery hash
Kate and Justin Hares 
Notes – Off off from the brewery
Early October Hash
Hares Clockwork & Data
Notes – Off Off from Trosley.
October – Halloween hash 
Potty & Groper Hares 
Notes – Broadditch spook-tacular
November – Gash hash 
Hares Mrs Tumble, Data & Shrek
Off off from Sole Street – sip stop at Gash’s Bench