Harvel 5

Dear Runner

You don’t need us to remind you that these are unprecedented times we are living through at the moment and we hope that you and yours are all safe and well.

With our race in early June, most of you (no doubt) have been expecting the email March 19th from us, and for those of you who do many races, you will have seen that all races (and even Parkrun) are being scrubbed from the calendar.

The Harvel 5 Committee met last night to discuss our race (maintaining a 2 metre separation wasn’t easy in someone’s front room) and this following Gravesham Borough Council advising us that we cannot hold the Harvel 5 Run this year, on June 6th. The Council’s rationale is sound. With local & medical resource being required where it is truly going to be needed, not to mention having a thousand odd runners and spectators congregating in just over two months time, it would be wrong to proceed. As such, we have opted to cancel Harvel 5 2020.

We considered merely postponing our event, however having taking account of the uncertainty of when events may be allowed to resume, the difficulty in choosing a future date (especially when many other events are now targeting future dates) we feel we have no other option than to cancel this years event and focus on bringing you your favourite race again in 2021. Perhaps more importantly, the H5 is a quintessential summer race, enjoyed by runners & spectators alike. Part of what makes our race work is WHEN it is, almost as much as WHAT it is. Hosting the H5 in November, just doesn’t quite seem right to us somehow.

So what happens next & what are my options?

You have two options, 1. get a full refund, or 2. to defer your place to 2021

The committee realise that this virus is going to place a financial strain on many livelihoods. We feel it is paramount to offer those that need their money back, to get it back to you as soon as possible. If this is you, then please select the appropriate button below and we will contact you to organise a refund. We do however insist that you exercise this option within 2 weeks of receiving our Mailchimp email sent March 19th. We are going to be busy, looking after our own families and don’t want the refund process to stretch on indefinitely. If you haven’t told us positively that you want a refund, within two weeks, you will be automatically deferred to 2021. If you opt for the refund, we will also need some info, from you promptly, to ensure we can get you your money back. Again, that info will be required, by a certain date (or again, you will simply be deferred).

If you wish to defer to Saturday June 5th, 2021 you need not take any action now. This will happen automatically. The advantages of deferring include, not having to go through that horrendous entry process again next year, gaining entry to 2021’s race at 2020’s price, plus you will be guaranteed to be the proud recipient of the H5 2020 race medal (a true collectors item) ie the ‘race that never was’ once you cross that finish line, next June. 

Please consider carefully, your options, plus think about whether you will be free to race with us on June 5th 2021. Whilst we cannot imagine your 2021 calendar is particularly busy just now, we will not be able to defer your place again, nor organise further refunds, after this current 2 week window. Runner swaps are also not allowed, as per our established rules.

We hope you understand our approach. This has been an incredibly tough decision for the committee and ALL of the Harvel Hash House Harriers are devastated at having to cancel the event. Just bear in mind, that very (very) occasionally, there are more important things than running. This is probably one of those times.

Wishing you a safe journey through the months ahead, we will see you all, on the other side

Off Off

H5 Race Committee